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10 Benefits of Using Vinyl Cladding

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People are always conscious about making their homes look beautiful and different. To hear, “You have a beautiful home.” is the best compliment ever and that is why we spend a pretty good amount of money on decorating our interior as well exterior. If you are looking into new ideas to decorate your exterior walls, go for vinyl cladding which is liked by everyone!

Vinyl cladding is basically a decorative covering to cover up your exterior walls so that they can look appealing. These boardings are made from PVC mixed with other resins and chemicals. The cladding becomes so hard that they give additional benefits to your walls too.

Why do you need it?

Do you like to empty your wallet every now and then to maintain your walls?

Do you renovate your house by touch-ups, re-painting or any damage repair?

Do you spend a heavy amount on your heating and cooling bills?

Do your walls get damaged due to storms, heavy rain and snow?

These are the few of many issues for which you need to install vinyl cladding on your walls! Where simple brick and wooden walls can bring in many problems for you, exterior cladding solves merely all of them.

Recladding Home in Coburg by ProSide Select

10 Benefits of installing vinyl cladding!

Let’s talk about the benefits vinyl cladding can give you. If you are getting professional vinyl cladding installation from pros like prosideselect, you will never regret your investment!

  1. Cost efficient

One of the best benefits of cladding your walls is that it is ultimately cost-effective. It can easily be installed to any type of wall whether it is brick, wood, stone or metal. The installation process is also not very long and complicated and doesn’t require huge labor expense. Apart from this, the package prosideselect is offering is highly affordable and just according to your pocket!

  • No maintenance

Just as you need to maintenance brick, wood, stone, and metallic walls, vinyl cladding is totally maintenance free. You don’t have to look after touch-ups, re-painting, renovation, re-installation or taking care of any scratch or dent. Easy to pocket!

  • Aesthetic appeal

With the race of making your home a piece of art, a lot of colors and styles has been introduced for exterior cladding.  People have the option of choosing different colors according to their house theme. They can also decide which design and style are best for a specific wall. The customer has full authority to customize his design according to his needs.

  • Fire resistant

Unlike other materials, the vinyl cladding can resist any flame or fire. This can protect your family from an accidental fire. The PVC used in this material only gets fire at a very high temperature of 730 °F. Moreover, it will only get the fire completely when the temperature rises to 850 °F (which is highly unlikely). Hence, an excellent friend if you are safety conscious person.

  • Super resistant

In vinyl cladding, 80% of the resin is PVC along with other 20% material which makes the cladding very strong and powerful. Strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snowfall or extreme heat will have zero effect on it.

If your kids are football or cricket lover or have a kid who always bumps his car while parking in the garage, vinyl cladding is going o be a life saver! It is because its strong chemical formation won’t let any damage to it. Simply no dents!

  • Durable

What do you find the most important thing when you are investing in something for your home?


Vinyl claddings are durable, and you will be surprised to know that it can last for 20 years. If installed by professionals like prosideselect, it can also last up to 40 years!

  • Adds value

Vinyl cladding installers from prosideselect can add value to your property. With a professional team of experienced technicians, we can install the cladding and give a seamless look to your house. This can add a very good value to your property for future sales.

  • Works as an insulator

Many of us are bothered by huge heating and cooling bills. If you want to cut your cost on such bills, having exterior vinyl cladding can save a pretty good amount of money annually! There is an option of installing insulators beneath the vinyl cladding. By having a proper mechanism and synchronized system, you can prevent excessive heat or cool breeze.

  • Strengthens walls

Vinyl cladding can strengthen your walls from any kind of breakage, damage or earthquakes. By adhering claddings closely to the walls, you can give strong support to your walls making them stand longer without facing any damage.

  1. Eco-friendly

This is 2019, and we all opt for a thing which is environmentally friendly. Vinyl cladding is also your friend in a safe eco-development. The coatings are all recyclable, and the manufacturing doesn’t involve harmful gases or excessive energy.

Vinyl cladding in Melbourne is common and highly likable because ProSide Select has been installing it here for 27 years. With professional experience and customer friendly policies, we have satisfied all of our customers. Want a vinyl cladding installer near you? Call us now!

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