How can a custom home builder in Melbourne help you?

Custom Home Builders

Having a home of your own with all the things, designs and architect you have ever dreamt of is the only thing we wish for. We put months of planning when we want to have a custom built home from a custom home builders. We go for specific designs and styles and even create our own depending upon the needs and requirements.

It takes a lot of struggle to decide a finalized design for a custom home but not with Inter Line Constructions. We are providing custom home services in Melbourne and its suburbs for 25 years. If you are looking for a custom home builder near you, know our specialties and your decision will be having your home constructed by us.

Custom designs

With experienced custom home builders like us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We are specialized in custom home designs, and our portfolio is full of unique and intricate designs in Melbourne.

If our client has his own design, our in-house design team works with him closely and come up with a final blueprint of the design. Once, the plan is approved by the client and architectures on board, we are ready to build your dream home!

Croydon Custom Home by Interline Constructions
Croydon Custom Home by Interline Constructions


Home builders don’t give the exact estimation cost to their clients when they opt for a custom home. We always take care of our client’s budget and ensure that their needs and requirements are fulfilled within the limit.

You can get your desired design, style, renovation and extension to your custom home within the budget you have set. No worries for extra costs incurred! You can get a reasonable quotation from us by giving us all of your requirements.

Why are custom homes better than production homes?

People who are conscious about interior and exterior of a home always go for custom built homes. It is because they are more flexible in deciding among various options. They have involved in every decision of the house whether it is related to the flooring, paints, doors, ceiling, woodwork and so on.

To gain a high-end result, all the teams involved in the construction of custom homes work together closely. Every single step is mutually coordinated, and the client is taken into trust. He knows at which phase the house is, how much time it will require to achieve the desired results, what kind of material is being used in the construction, how much the builders are serious for the final product.

Whereas production homes don’t give you that much authority!

 Production homes are built by large volume builders, and they generally deal in building more than one houses consisting of same design and pattern. All the condos, rental apartments, flats and hostels are usually constructed by production builders and have almost the same model.

Production homes can cost you very less, which are favourable if you are limited on a budget but will not involve any renovation, extension or any additional customized demand. You will get what is built, and you won’t be included in different decisions for your home.

People usually prefer custom homes over production homes because they know that investing in a dream home is a one-time job. When you are going for a home of your own, you want it to be the way you want to live. Then why not have the best custom home builders Melbourne?

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