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Big Solar Saving to be had in Albury with Watters Electrical

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People are saving big money utilising solar energy with Watters Electrical in Albury New South Wales. With Albury Wodonga energy prices continuing to rise steeply, families are installing solar systems to help reduce their energy costs. Particularly now that Albury Wodonga solar solutions are as low as ever recorded.

A quality 5kW solar system for the typical homeowner will likely cost you around $5,500 in Albury NSW. A 5kW sized solar system will likely generate you around a whopping 7500kWh’s per year, that’s roughly 20kWh’s per day on across an entire year. In simple terms that’s a lot of power and a lot of potential savings from your 5kW solar system.

Two 5KW Fronius inverters installed on a ground mount setup in Albury Wodonga by Watters.

Let’s talk power buy back: Now in Albury NSW Energy companies are offering a 20-cent feed in tariff. So even if you don’t use any of the solar your solar system generates, you can save a minimum of $1,500 per year because 7,500kWh’s multiplied by 20 cents is $1,500. That is an amazing return on investment.

Want to find out what feed in tariff is available to you? Check out the Victorian Energy Compare website.

But the savings don’t stop there, the moment you start to use any of the energy your system generates, you save more. Because, if you purchase electricity from your energy retailer your likely to pay upwards of thirty cents, your either buying electricity for 30 cents or selling it back to your energy retailer for 20 cents. So, the more you use the more you save. Realistically the average family is likely to save closer to $2,000 per year with a 5kW solar system than $1,500.

Solar is affordable, Watters Electrical in Albury NSW can provide a great quality solar system using the figures above to give you a return on investment of around 3 to 4 years which is amazing.

Watters Electrical are your true local solar provider for Albury, New South Wales. WATTERS THE POWER TO DO MORE! Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to help with all your electrical needs.

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